Different Types of Microscopy

Microscopy is a technique for studying the structure of objects too small to be seen with the naked eye. The microscope was invented in 1590 by an eyeglass maker who realized that if he inverted a small convex lens, he could see much more detail. The microscope has been an invaluable tool for scientists ever […]

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Using a Compound Microscope

One of the most common lab equipment is the microscope. As a student, we wander through scientific laboratories in our schools and always find one of these. As we see the microscopes, we cannot help but ask ourselves: “How can I use this microscope?”  A microscope. It is a great tool that led to great […]

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Trinocular Microscopes

Best to Purchase, Uses, and Benefits Like a binocular microscope, a trinocular microscope has two eyepieces but trinocular microscopes have additional eye tubes to connect to a microscope camera. Thus, trinocular microscopes are binocular and have a moving prism assembly. The light in the prism assembly can either be directed to the camera or the […]

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