Stereo Microscopes

Dissecting the World Around You Stereo microscopes, which are still referred to as dissecting microscopes sometimes, are known to give an erect and three-dimensional perspective to the specimen. This microscope has low magnification power and has two eyepieces with two objectives. These create the effect of perception with depth.  The main and primary purpose of […]

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Scientific Microscopes

Research Grade Considerations and Benefits Scientific microscopes, also known as research microscopes, are known to be used commonly for scientific research purposes. For their powerful abilities and quality, they are often used by universities, colleges, research labs, and other places for professional uses. With that said, expect it to be equipped with various accessories and […]

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Digital Microscopes

Optics and CCD Technology Combined into One Scope  The advances made in technology paved the way for digital microscopes to be used by students, researchers, hobbyists, and manufacturers. As time passed by, viewable images also advanced and improved in lots of areas in science and also helped shape how we interact with the world, as […]

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