Amscope Vs Nikon Microscopes

If you are in the market for a new microscope, you may wonder which brand to choose. Amscope Microscopes are renowned for their superior quality and are designed for professional and amateur use. The company also produces accessories to make the experience even better. The brand’s product line includes microscopes and other accessories for bio-medical […]

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Microscope close up

Microscope Facts For Beginners

Microscopes have come a long way in the last hundred years. With advances in technology, we are able to see far into microorganisms and work to understand how they function. I will cover some Microscope facts that we should be aware of. Microscopes use two objective lenses. The first focuses the light to focus on […]

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Cell Staining in Microscopy

Objects that can’t be seen by the naked or unaided eye may need a microscope, so a researcher or scientist can observe them accurately. That process is called microscopy, and it has allowed the discovery of many things.  You may view a wide variety of samples under a microscope, but some may need staining to […]

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How Does a Microscope Work?

One of the most common lab equipment is the microscope. As a child, we wander through scientific laboratories and always find one of these. As we see these, we cannot help but ask ourselves: “How do microscopes work?”  A microscope. It is a great tool that led to great scientific breakthroughs throughout the ages, more […]

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Cleaning a Microscope

Microscopes are essential for scientists in different fields like biology, chemistry, medicine, and others, as they let them observe many things. It lets them see objects that cannot be seen by the unaided eye. It made discoveries, inventions, and innovations possible. Microscopes allow scientists to get information about molecular and crystalline structures, as well as […]

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Beginner Microscope Experiments

Many kids start exploring and being curious at a young age. They learn and ask questions about the world and how it works. It is essential for their growth and development, so do not stop them from trying things out. Encourage them to explore, so they will continue being interested. Eventually, they might develop a […]

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Beginner Microscope Kits

Exploring and wondering about the world is something many kids do from a very young age. They show curiosity for things and a hunger for learning that you might notice. They start asking questions about many things and observing through their senses. Let them be, as this is an essential part of their growth. Many […]

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