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For 46 years, Omax continues to produce a vast number of products made for professional and educational purposes.

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The company was founded in the philosophy that technology plays a vital role in education, which makes them motivated to continue innovation and development of a wide range of products with the vision of creating a connected learning environment, which doesn’t just empower teaching, but also inspires students. 

Equipped with decades of experience, Omax works hard to innovate a wide range of products to improve education. The products include other microscopes, software, and other accessories. 

If you get to see the line of products by Omax, you’d know how obvious it is that they aim to increase the interest of users, improve sharing capabilities, and active participation and involvement. Even though Omax has a good number of products for the professional, they are more focused on the enhancement of a student’s experience in microscopy. 

Recently, Omax has made a reputation for its amazing enhancements for microscopy. Not only do they make simple improvements on the microscope, but they also work to improve accessories such as cameras, software, and monitors. Omax upgrades all of these gradually to improve and enhance the experience of customers. 

For example, the LED screen is attachable to the Omax trinocular microscope, can be used not only to be viewed on a larger screen but also to be shared in a group. The said feature enables people to use the microscope at the same time. This excellent feature puts the picture or video on the bigger screen for better observation and analysis, which makes it loved by the students, professionals, and even microscope enthusiasts. 

The Omax OMB-RVS (R Series)

The 2016 Omax OMB-RVS (R Series) serves as one of the greatest examples of their innovation. The OMB RVS features a 7- inch LCD monitor (or 9- inch LCD monitor for the OMB-RVS model) and a CMOS high-resolution camera. This set enables the user to observe without additional connections for recording, saving, and capturing images. 

Omax 40X-2500X Review

The software provided by the microscope also enables functions such as calibrations, measurements, editing, as well as sharing images/videos with others. These add to the ability to view real-time images on the LCD monitor or PC. With their enhanced functionalities, the users can do everything they need to do without purchasing additional devices.

AmScope B120B vs. the Omax CS-M82ES (compound microscopes)

The Omax CS-M82ES (compound microscopes, like the AmScope B120B, offers several features that proved the designs are thought of well. For example, the achromatic objects used for aberration-free optics, are not only anti-reflective for clear images but also have an anti-fungal coating for protection. This brilliant feature allows the microscope to be efficient and protects not only the user but also the objectives.

Also, the two microscopes both use a full 3D mechanical stage that allows excellent dimensional moving when viewing. In the AmScope B120B, the user will need a more specialized tool to adjust through the arm of the microscope. But this is not the case with the Omax. Omax allows its user better focusing, adjustment, grip, and manipulation. 

With the 5-year warranty from Omax, they surely prove their faith in their products for being long-lasting and satisfying for the owner. 

Omax Stereo Microscopes

Outstanding layouts for useful advantages are also evident with Omax stereo microscopes. As an example, the stand of the Omax CS-W43 C2-D3-L144 L-C90 stereo microscope is 30 inches in length, which is an advantage because it prevents disrupting the working area. It is also well counterbalanced, which stops any instability during usage. Compared to the AmScope SM series, this Omax microscopic lens includes bigger objective lenses, enabling a larger field of view. These provide the Omax stereo microscope an advantage over the others.

The Omax CS-W43 C2-D3-L144 L-C90 stereo microscope also features   Barlow lenses that make it achieve larger magnification ranging from 2x to 90x. This feature is similar to the AmScope ZM series. However, the Omax has an edge because it is much cheaper than the AmScope microscopes.

In terms of lighting, the Omax CS-W43 C2-D3-L144 L-C90 has an LED ring light that provides more evenness to the field of view. Because it gives good quality, the said lighting is popular and continually incorporated with other microscopes in the market. 

The light source also has dimmer control and zone lighting, which makes the microscope offer more flexibility and control. 

Omax Microscopes for Kids

Omax offers several excellent microscopes for kids. The Omax 40X-2000X Digital Lab Led Binocular Compound Microscope proves that Omax commits to enhancing the experience and learning of children. 

The set has all the features needed to give a fun learning experience for the students/children as well as the parents/teachers. Aside from amazing features such as a fluid 3D mechanical, ocular diopter adjustment, and adjustable/sliding interpupillary distance, the microscope can also link to the PC via USB to view and record the specimens easier. 

OMAX 40X 2000X M83ES C50U Review

However, a microscope like  Omax 40X-400X Kids Compound Microscope with tungsten light, allows the kids to operate without any specialized knowledge. 

Parents can also purchase other products than the microscopes such as the Omax microscope starter kits, which come with prepared and unprepared slides with a storage box. The prepared one maybe just a collection of plant tissues, bacteria, and cells that kids can see easily with the microscopes. 

Utilizing the guide manuals, children will likewise discover just how to prepare specimens for observations on the empty slides as well as view them on their own. The sets enable not only for a learning experience, yet also for the children to become creative and also establish interest to see as well as discover more regarding the microscopic world.

With their experiences, Omax works hard to be the best in the industry by producing innovative products annually. The company specifically focuses on how it could enhance the learning experience of students at all levels. But they can also cater to the professionals. 

Their products, like the Omax OMB-RVs, benefit both students and professionals with their increased functionalities. Though it is truly evident how focused they are on enhancing the learning experience of students, they offer a wide range of products that cater from kids to professionals. Therefore, Omax is an ideal choice for children, students, hobbyists, microscope enthusiasts, and professionals. 

Child using an Omax Microscope