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Levenhuk Microscope 40L NG

Science today is continuing to make advancements and make our lives easier. Discoveries are made possible with the equipment developed like microscopes. Of course, scientists are not only the ones who will need these. Some students and enthusiasts are naturally curious and want their microscopes. Luckily, there is a manufacturer that can help out.

Levenhuk microscopes is a well-known company that creates products that will surely satisfy customers. Many things make them an impressive one that is worth the consumers’ trust.

If you are looking for microscope manufacturers in the market, you always want to look at established ones. Those who already have a reputation to live up to, like Levenhuk. It is one of the major microscope manufacturers in Canada and Europe, and it recently introduced its line to the US market. It is truly respectable and a competitive one that you should check out.

High Quality

Microscopes by Levenhuk are defiantly high-quality and give you impressive results. That is one of the reasons why they get so many positive reviews and respect from customers. If you buy one of their products, you will surely get that they are always giving you satisfactory and great service.


If you think that to have an impressive microscope, you have to spend a lot, then you are wrong. Levenhuk offers affordable products that will still give you great results. Their low price tags for high-quality microscopes will surely help you get what you need.

Great Customer Service

Another reason why Levenhuk microscopes earned a respectable reputation is how they value their customers. To make sure that you are happy with their product, they offer a lifetime warranty. That is just great, right?

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Even if you are a student, hobbyist, or professional, Levenhuk will have a microscope to suit your needs. They are surely worth your time and consideration. You may find the perfect one that will work for you. 

Wide Range of Products

Levenhuk offers a great selection of products for many of its microscope lines. That is to ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for. Here are some of their microscope lines that you may take into consideration. 

Levenhuk Digital Microscopes

Levenhuk has microscopes that may be connected to PC monitors and shown on screens for presentations. They are equipped and well suited to educational and advanced research purposes that you may apply it to. It is not costly but will work perfectly. 

An example is Levenhuk DTX 90 Portable Digital Microscope which has a great design and 10x to 300x magnification power. It has a 5Mpx digital camera with LED illumination. The microscope is compatible with Windows and MAC OS and can support microSD cards with up to 32Gb capacity. DTX 90 is precise and already has special software to help you out. It is also covered by a lifetime warranty, to ensure your satisfaction.

Unboxing Levenhuk Microscope

Levenhuk New Generation Series

Levenhuk also designed microscopes for beginners. These are compound microscopes with built-in LED illumination, which are perfect for students and enthusiasts.

One of the microscopes in this series is the Levenhuk D2L NG Microscope. It has a 16x eyepiece, and magnifications of 4x, 10x, and 40x. The model can be connected to a PC using a USB interface. You can take photos and videos with high resolutions. Inspecting samples which are not transparent is possible because of their two sets of illumination (upper and lower). It can be used in multiple applications because of its powerful features. The microscope comes with a USB cable that you may use for its power supply and PC connection. Its kit also includes the unit, digital camera, setup CD, adapter, and four AA batteries. The Levenhuk D2L NG will surely be suitable for educational and other needs because you can use it in different applications and sample because of its illumination technology. You won’t have to stick to observing specimens in slides. Make sure to consider Levenhuk’s New Generation Series if it is what you need.

Levenhuk Rainbow Design Series

Are you tired of sticking with the boring colors of typical microscopes? Do you want to show your personality by picking your favorite? Levenhuk has a Rainbow Design Series that features fun and vibrant colors of microscopes. They are powerful, portable, and easy to use.

The Levenhuk 50L Plus Microscope is a great deal as it also comes with an experiment kit. You can choose between five available colors and see what you like. The microscope has a magnification of 64x to 1280x and three objectives. It comes with a carrying case for convenient storage and transportation. It also has a condenser, 2x Barlow lens, AC adapter, two AA batteries, a Levenhuk K5O experiment kit, and a user manual. Like many other microscopes from the same company, it also has a lifetime warranty to ensure that it will always work at its best and give you impressive results.

Levehuk Stereo Microscopes

The company also offers high-quality stereo microscopes. They may be used in schools, in the market, or in many other places. 

One of the products the company has is Levenhuk 3ST Stereo Microscope. It is good for inspecting larger samples that may not be placed in slides. It has a binocular head with a 20x to 40x magnification power. It has high-quality coated glass optics, so it can render images and get them in full color.

It has some working distance of 2.2 inches to make room for larger samples but may still observe standard ones. It comes with two WF10x eyepieces. To make sure that the customers will be happy with it, it also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can make sure that it will stay in its best condition even after many experiments.

There are many other microscopes that Levenhuk has to offer. If you are looking for one, be sure to check them out because they will most likely have it. Levenhuk is already a well-known and established company, so you can make sure that you will get quality products and services.