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Microscopes are essential to people, especially those who work in the scientific field. They are also a great tool for students, professionals, and even enthusiasts.

Its invention led to many technological advancements that we are enjoying and benefiting from today. They are relevant and were also improved as time passes.

There are lots of brands of microscopes competing in the market. They produce models and accessories that suit the needs of many.

One of the most popular manufacturers you will find is Leica Microscopes. They already satisfied a lot of customers with their impressive products.


Leica dm100 Microscope

Carl Kellner, a mathematician, founded Leica Microscopes in 1894, in Wetzlar, Germany. He was a mathematician, and a precision mechanic, Ernst Leitz, became his business partner in 1865.

The brand was born in 1925, and until today, they are still known in various fields like microscopy, confocal laser scanning, imaging systems, specimen preparation, and medical equipment.

Through the years, they established a reputation for high-quality products with impressive features. That is how they remain relevant today and are still one of the leading manufacturers in microscopy and imaging.

They also make sure that their products are also improving as time goes by, here are some of the things that make them one-of-a-kind.

Great Reputation For Support

If you need help with their microscopes, Leica will be always happy to talk to you. They are known for their outstanding sales support with their well-trained service personnel. Do not hesitate to contact them if there is any problem.

They actually have sales and service organizations in 19 countries. Check out which ones are near you and call them if you like.

Superior Optics

One thing that makes Leica Microscopes stand up from its competitors in the market is its superior optics, which will surely let you conduct experiments and other tasks with their microscopes. They are powerful and have a large frame of research microscopes, which are mostly dedicated to scientific or academic use. 

Application to Your Needs

Another great aspect of Leica Microscopes is how you can configure modular systems to fit your needs. You do not have to worry if you have different applications because they can do lots of that.

International Network

Leica Microscopes has fourteen manufacturing facilities in eleven countries. They have a strong network of dealers to provide you with great service and products. Even if you do not have a facility in your country, you can still order online and find a dealer that will sell you a microscope.

Leica Microscopes offers products that are high-quality and versatile. You can get them at a great price and receive an impressive and consistent performance.

However, customers have reported that the power supply burns out in their DC series. They only have an electrical warranty of one year, and this is not covered by that. Their prices may be quite costly, but they are consistently producing quality products with upgraded features. Customers also reported that it is hard to find parts for older models they have. Despite all of that, Leica Microscopes still offers a wide variety of microscopes and accessories you might need.

DM300 Educational Compound Microscope Overview


Virtual Imaging Systems

Leica Microscopes’ virtual imaging systems are for viewing virtual slides and creating images or displays of specimens.

Compound Light Microscopes

Compound Light Microscopes by Leica Microscopes have high-quality imaging, ergonomic design, and will give you fast results.

Confocal Microscopes

Leica Microscopes’ confocal microscopes are specially designed for biomedical research. They produce precise imaging of subcellular structures and the processes they undergo. 

Stereo Microscopes

For dissection and inspection of large specimens, Leica Microscopes also have stereo microscopes. They are designed for industry, research, and education. They have superior optics and convenient operation.

Surgical Microscopes

Leica Microscopes also produced surgical microscopes with cutting-edge imaging and will give you a lot of freedom for movement.

Digital Microscopes

Most of the digital microscopes by Leica Microscopes are designed for industrial use. Because of that, they are portable and easy to carry around.

Digital Microscope Cameras

For the presentation of images or analysis, Leica Microscopes also have cameras for their digital microscopes. They are easy to use and applicable to many fields.

Microscope Software

Leica Microscopes also has impressive and user-friendly software that will help you with analysis and give great image results. 

If you are a student who is looking for a great microscope to suit your school’s needs, here is an example for you.

Leica DM300 Binocular Microscope

Leica DM300 Binocular Microscope

Leica DM300 Binocular Microscope comes with impressive optics, mechanics, and illumination. It has lots of enhanced features, so you can use it with ease and without trouble. That makes it a very ideal microscope for students. It is a very powerful tool, but it is comfortable and easy to use.

You won’t have a hard time figuring it out because it is quite simple. It has objectives of 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x. It also has LED illumination technology and a coaxial focus mechanism. It is compact and easy to carry or store. Its illumination system is made to last for up to twenty years and consumes 80% less energy

Because of that, you won’t have to spend a lot on replacement lamps. It is a great advantage as it saves costs and does not produce too much heat, which might damage your specimen. You can easily twist the head at 360 degrees, which is particularly useful if you want to show your specimen to someone.

It also comes with preset diopters, which are essential to many microscope models. It is impressive because it is designed, so you can effectively use the microscope even if the people viewing it have different eyesight. The model also has a pre-centered and pre-focused professional condenser system to maximize illumination.

Leica Microscopes are often compared to other brands, but they remain competitive because of their excellence and high-quality products. If you are looking for microscopes, this brand is surely worth your time. Make sure that you check it out because they might have what you need.