Beginner Microscope Kits

Microscope for Kids

Exploring and wondering about the world is something many kids do from a very young age. They show curiosity for things and a hunger for learning that you might notice. They start asking questions about many things and observing through their senses. Let them be, as this is an essential part of their growth.

Many children will outgrow this after a while however, others will find interest in this, for they are naturally curious. They will continue to pursue answers for their questions, make guesses, experiments, and discoveries. These kids, most probably, will eventually get inclined to the sciences, which is both valuable and exciting.

Naturally, as parents or teachers, you want to support them with whatever they want to become or what they want to do. Do not be afraid to let them do things on their own for they will learn so much in this way.

The best thing to do other than give them love, moral support, and guidance, is to provide them with the equipment they might need. The first thing that will cross your mind is a microscope kit. It will help them notice things that you cannot see under the naked eye. It will be an awesome experience to open the world to them.

They will be able to observe small differences that make our world more fun, enjoyable, and fascinating. They will find the answers to their questions themselves. Your kids will uncover the mysteries of what makes up the things around them. It will aid in the development of their thinking, inferring, and observation skills. It might even help them perform better at school, and make better science projects. Letting them learn on their own will stimulate their love for education and research.

A microscope is a scientific device that any young learner may not know at first. You would want to guide them at first. Sooner or later, they will get the hang of it. To choose a microscope kit, you have to make sure it will suit a child who is a beginner. You can’t buy a professional one that your child might not be able to use or understand. It has to be simple, child-friendly, easy to operate, and safe but has the proper parts and functions. You also have to check if it offers you the best deal. Is it affordable? Does it have complete accessories? Do other users highly recommend it?

It may not be easy for you to make a decision, so to help you, here are some of the best beginner microscope kits you will find in the market.


For kids who are aged 5 to 12, the LED-lit AmScope Microscope is a perfect fit. It is an all-in-one beginner’s microscope kit, with 51 pieces in all. It includes some prepared samples and other tools made of plastic, to prevent potential injury from the children. It has a fixed eyepiece and objective lenses of 300x, 600x, and 1200x.

It has a plastic carrying case, and some tools included are the scalpel, needle, plastic tweezers, spatula, petri dish, shrimp hatchery, and eosin. The microscope’s stage is unmovable but because of that, your child won’t have trouble adjusting it. Sliding in a specimen would be as easy as a breeze! It is a good choice and will best suit your young learner. It also does not cost a lot, which makes it a great deal.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope: 

 One that can function as two types of microscopes is My First Lab-Duo Scope Microscope. It is a compound microscope and stereomicroscope in one. A compound microscope uses two sets of lenses, which means it is a piece of good equipment for viewing slides. On the other hand, a stereo microscope provides a low-power view of an object, it is better suited to observing solid subjects and for dissecting them. It has a “dual cool Led illumination” feature which allows light to come from either above or underneath, this is also what makes it a two-in-one microscope.

It is also run by AA batteries, making it suitable for use in the field as it can be carried anywhere. Its optical glass lenses with 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification gives it more clarity. You can use a protective bag or box for it, since it doesn’t come with a carrying case. The kit comes with 50 accessories: 10x eyepiece, 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives, LED lights with six-hole disc diaphragms, optical glass lenses, and dual focusing glass. Its extensive tools and impressively good features make it a great choice for your future explorer.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope Review


 Another kit that will help your child discover the intricacies of nature is the AmScope PS25 Prepared Microscope Slide Set. It has 25 specimens of plants, insects, and animal tissues in prepared slides. These samples are well preserved in cedarwood oil and sealed with a coverslip. The slides are also labeled for easy identification. This kit is good for learning activities for even high school or older students. Just make sure to use gloves during experiments or observations to make sure they are handled carefully.

Some slides contain Coprimus mushroom, Hydra, Lillium ovary, dog cardiac muscle, dog skeletal muscle, house bee mouthparts, and human blood. These prepared slides will help your children observe specimens that may not be readily available in your environment. Explore organisms and what makes them up with a wider selection of samples; with this kit! This is an awesome and great contribution to the kid’s learning activities. 

These kits are great ways to stimulate your kids’ abilities through experience and experiments. It will help them discover many things about the environment and life. Make sure that you are always there to guide them, for you are a great part of their learning process. Choose the best microscope kit for your future scientist, then make discoveries with them!