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Amscope Microscopes is an impressive company that produces high-quality microscopes and accessories to be used by both students and professionals. It is well-known and has great customer service, as they can connect with users from different countries to answer questions. Feedbacks or concerns about the warranty, technical support, and others are always welcome. You will surely have no trouble addressing issues with AmScope. 

They have representatives that you can talk to through email or even LiveChat. Their convenient customer service is one of the greatest assets that they have. Other than that, AmScope also offers a 30-day risk-free inspection and a 5-year warranty for all of their microscopes. It proves that they are giving priority to their customers’ satisfaction.

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Low Priced but High-Quality Microscopes

Amscope is widely known for manufacturing microscopes with high quality but at a low price. That is mostly because they are a company that designs their products first, then manufactures them, and finally distributes them.

They may offer refunds for products purchased within 30 days. You can be at ease when you purchase their products as you only need to contact their representatives to ask for some assistance.

Variations of Products

There are wide selections of microscopes that AmScope offers. That is because users would have to consider different factors in buying one, so giving them lots of choices will work. They have compound, stereo, metallurgical, or other microscopes that will surely fit your needs. Their products also have features that the user will surely appreciate, as they are developed for efficiency and easier use.

The AmScope founder believes that the future heavily depends on nurturing science and curiosity. That is probably why the company continues to produce microscopes that will suit enthusiasts, students, and professionals. They remain innovative and make products for different users. It is an advantage that made them popular, as they make microscopes suitable for everyone and their needs.

When you are looking for a specific microscope to suit your requirements, you will mostly find that AmScope has it. Their offers are impressive, low-priced, and will surely suit you if you are frugal or keeping a tight budget. They also have lots of accessories to go with their products such as cameras, modified stands, and mechanical stages, designed for efficiency. You won’t need to purchase a new microscope as their parts are designed so you can add it to a microscope you already have. 

Examples of one of the most sought-after products are parts or accessories for microscopy imaging. Most AmScope has a 5MP USB Microscope Digital Camera + Measurement Software, which will allow the user to take pictures, stream videos, and take measurements or calibrations of a specimen. It may be used on various applications, depending on the user. 

Unboxing Amscope B120-B Microscope

Beginners and kids won’t be left behind as AmScope also offers products specially made for them. As they value their customers, they made different microscopes that are best suited to the user. Of course, kids or beginners will have trouble using professional ones. Children may just end up damaging the equipment and ineffectively try to learn. Fortunately, you may have the AmScope-Kids Student Microscope Gift Package that has manuals, books, and blank and prepared slides to help your young scientist learn how to use a microscope and explore. 

Like their professional products, AmScope-Kids also offer a wide variety of microscopes to choose from like stereo and compound microscopes. They also have prepared slides that you may use for comparison or observation. Doing experience will establish effective learning and help them develop their skills. Kids will constantly become curious, ask questions, and try to find answers. Learning through experience and exploration is surely something your kids will enjoy. They may even get better grades at school and make impressive science projects.

Some Reviews

AmScope B120C-WM-PS100 Microscope

For example, AmScope B120C-WM-PS100 is one of the best compound microscopes for students. It has a magnification from 40x to 2500x and comes with a hundred prepared slides and the book “World of Microscope” to help your learner navigate and explore the device. For accessories, you may add darkfield and phase contrast condensers, other eyepieces, or even a camera. You may also look at others like Omax CS-M82ES-SC100-LP50, Levenhuk 50L NG 40x-640x, or Omano OM157-XSP2 40x-1000x, but they are all inferior compared to what AmScope B120C-WM-PS100 has to offer. Its high magnification and accessories will easily rule out others. 

AmScope is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and laboratory equipment. The B120C-WM-PS100 is a condenser-equipped stereo dissecting microscope. This review will cover its features and specifications, as well as how it performs in the lab.

In the laboratory, microscopes are used for a variety of tasks from observing blood cells to viewing DNA strands. As such, you want to find one that has the features you need at an affordable price point. In this review, we’ll be looking at AmScope’s B120C-WM-PS100 stereomicroscope. It has a great combination of features that are perfect for students or hobbyists.

This is a microscope with 100x magnification. It has all the features of this popular type of microscope, in a lower price range. This is an affordable option for students or hobbyists who are just starting in this area.

This scope has two eyepieces – one 10x and one 20x magnification eyepiece. With this, you can have more flexibility when examining samples by using the higher magnification eyepiece for smaller things and the lower magnification eyepiece to get a better view of bigger samples like slides and thin sections of tissue.

The AmScope B120C-WM-PS100 is a compact benchtop microscope designed for educational use. It is great for beginners, students, and home users.

Features of this microscope include:

* 100x magnification

* Magnification range of 10x – 400x

* LED illumination system with variable brightness settings

* Digital camera for capturing images and videos on SD card (supports up to 32GB)

Quality is also the superior trait of AmScope Stereo Microscopes. An example is the AmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope. It is a best seller on Amazon and has great features to ensure that you get the best out of it. It has a cool light that is useful for temperature-sensitive samples, interchangeable 10x and 20x eyepieces, and a 1x objective for inspecting larger specimens. 

There is also AmScope SM-3TZ Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom which is most suited for dental and electronic applications. It has ambient lighting for better observation of specimens without using power from batteries. 

AmScope also offers metallurgical microscopes. For example, they have AmScope 50x-1000x Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, which is trinocular. It has a large stage with four plan objectives that are achromatic, and a 10MP digital camera to allow you to observe samples on a screen.

Many microscope brands today are fighting for places in terms of price, application, and quality. However, AmScope remains at the top for its careful design and manufacturing. Customers still choose it as it fits all the factors that they are considering when buying a microscope. 

AmScope Microscopes continue to provide high-quality and inexpensive products that will suit your needs. Its microscopes stay as the most popular ones for enthusiasts, students, and scientists. Customers will surely feel valued as they can easily communicate with representatives if they need help or want to give some feedback. 

When purchasing a microscope, you might consider several things, but be sure to check out AmScope Microscopes. They will satisfy you and your needs with quality products that do not cost too much.